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Holon Referral System

Holon Pilot Program: G-Health is utilizing our own organizations — GBUAHN and Urban Family Practice — as well as a select group of community organizations to begin our pilot phase for the Holon Referral Management Tool. During this phase, we are fine-tuning the system and perfecting our best practices. Following our pilot phase, we hope to enroll as many local Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and medical practices as we can to create a comprehensive network of CBOs in the Western New York Area to improve the overall health of our community.

To integrate with our Holon referrals tool, please reach out any of our Value Based Payment team below to become part of the Holon network:

Alexandra Jadoch – Executive Director of GBUCBO

Nicole Pearcy
– Director of VBP

Jason Isbrandt –Director of Strategic Physician Partnerships